According to the World Health Organization, Lung disease is the leading cause of death in ALL third world countries. Open fire wood stoves produce smoke similar in composition to tobacco, only 40 times more toxic. Children are born breathing this smoke. Adults and children alike are affected by this. No one escapes. The Gospel Stove eliminates greater than 92% of particle emissions inside the home. 

     50% of the world’s population cooks on primitive, inefficient, biomass fueled cook stoves, which burn primarily wood, or wood based product. The world population in 2010 was approximately 6.8 billion, a growth rate of 1.2% per year. 95% of human population growth occurs in impoverished countries. Most of the people in these countries use these primitive cook stoves.
     Now let's take a look at Honduras alone. Honduras' population is approaching 8 million, 76% of which use primitive stoves. If we assume 5 people per household, that creates a need for 1,216,000 stoves. Primitive stoves require 32 pieces of wood per day, a cost of $4.7 million per day. The Gospel Stove reduces the fuel burden to 9 pieces of wood per day, a cost of $1.3 million per day. The savings, nationwide, equals $1.2
billion a year!

     Carbon emission is so devastating to the world environment that it is a top priority at the world government level. Wood is essentially carbon. Burning it creates carbon dioxide. Incomplete combustion of primitive cook stoves creates dense, toxic, suspended particle emissions (smoke). The highly efficient combustion process of the Gospel Stove reduces the suspended particle emission (smoke) by far greater than 70%. When properly adjusted, the Gospel Stove produces no visible smoke. 

     In Honduras, primitive stoves use about 39 million pieces of wood per day, or approximately 350,000 trees per day. The Gospel Stove will save over 251,000 trees every day, or 91,000,000 trees per year. That is equal to a forest of approximately 130,000 acres saved every year.
     The Food and Agriculture Organization estimates that around 2,500,000 acres of forest are lost and not recovered each year. Annually, one Gospel Stove will preserve as many trees as found in one tenth of an acre of forest.  Approximately 560 million homes worldwide need a Gospel Stove. When we've succeeded in providing one for each of them, trees equivalent in number to 56 million acres of forest will be preserved every year. By the time we have achieved a mere 5% of our goal (28 million stoves) we will be protecting enough trees to keep pace with total global deforestation, and actually begin increasing the number of trees on Planet Earth.

The Effect

     Existing cook stoves are primitive, inefficient, and based on ancient technology. The majority consists of an open flame, a three-sided adobe burn chamber, a small metal cooking surface, and no chimney. There are four major benefits to the Gospel Stove: